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Installed Leaf Relief gutter guards on existing gutters; I called Gutter Brothers and spoke to one of the owners. We had a great discussion and he explained their Leaf Relief gutter guard system. He gave me an approximate price over the phone and then came later that day to give a more precise price and I agreed to the installation on the spot. Days later they were installed. As I’m writing this it is raining pretty hard and the system seems to be working well.

Leaf Relief Test

Leaf Guards: Reasonable and affordable, Leaf Guards eliminate clogged gutters which can lead to expensive home repairs, such as:

  • Sagging Gutters
  • Wet Walls
  • Leaky and Cracked Foundations
  • Flooded Basements

Leaf Relief

Leaf ReliefLeaf Relief brings real relief to homeowners who need a gutter solution that works, first time, every time. Our patented Aluma-Perf TechnologyTM traps the smallest debris allowing water to flow freely. Debris is then lifted off of gutters by a gentle breeze.

Leaf Relief mounts securely to the gutter system, resisting damage from high winds, heavy snow and ice. The tough aluminum construction of Leaf Relief is indelible and resists damage from bugs, squirrels, raccoons and birds!

Leaf Relief’s unique design ends routine gutter cleaning, lowering maintenance costs and hassles! No more dangerous trips up the ladder! Put an end to your gutter cleaning days with Leaf Relief!

Leaf ReliefDon’t just take our word for it. Independent testing confirmed Leaf Relief works better than other gutter systems on the market! How?

Leaf Entry/Blockage *

  • Leaf Relief-100% effective
  • Popular Competitors-90% effective
  • Wire Mesh-0% effective

Twig Entry/Blockage *

  • Leaf Relief-99 to 100% effective
  • Popular Competitors-75% effective
  • Wire Mesh-0% effective

Pine Needle Entry/Blockage *

  • Leaf Relief-97% effective (no water flow reduction)
  • Popular Competitors-86% effective
  • Wire Mesh-53% effective

Open Water Flow **

  • 29.7 inches of water per hour (20 foot roof section). That’s 2.5 times greater than the official rainfall world record (Kilauea, Hawaii- 12 inches in one hour).

Obstructed Water Flow **

  • 19 inches of water per hour when covered with wet leaves (20 foot roof section). Still 1.5 times greater than the world record.

Clearing of Debris **

  • Most dry debris is cleared from surface with 6 mph breeze. When still wet, debris is removed with 23 mph wind.

Strength **

  • SN5200 – 53% stronger than standard hangers at 24″ on-center fastening
  • TP5300 – 91 pounds is required to deflect system by 1 inch when fastened at 16″ on-center

Weather Resistant *

  • No detrimental or damaging effects at 110 mph wind speed when fastened 16 inches on center.
  • * Testing conducted by Architectural Testing, Inc.
  • ** Testing conducted by Intertek Testing Services NA LTD

We highly recommend Leaf-Relief, its inexpensive,and we have never seen one clogged or overflowing, Its our most dependable and most popular gutter Guard.

Almost any gutter guard you see on this site or any other site is available through special order from The Gutter Brothers.

Lifetime no clog warranty!

If they ever clog your local Gutter Brothers will take care of it within hours Free!!

Beware of salesmen who tell you all of the organic debris is washed away by rain . It is not true. You can test it yourself the next time you visit a home and garden show that has a small gutter guard setup with water cascading down a little roof, across the guard and into a gutter. Tear off a small piece of paper about the size of a postage stamp or your thumbnail and drop it onto the running water. I guarantee that it will be carried into the gutter or it will clog the top of the guard or filter system. It will not fall onto the floor of the c

Below you see a very popular system with a microfiber screen, that claims it will never clog,while this may be true, it doesnt say you will never have to maintain it or clean debris from the top, dont be fooled by misleading claims.
As a matter of fact we hade recently removed a micro-fiber mesh screen gutter guard, that the homeowner claims was allowing water to flow right1 over it.

We have many other gutter guards to choose from, depending on your needs, just ask & we will be happy to evaluate your specific needs and make a recommendation accordingly.

Remember in our experience, no one gutterguard works for every situation.

Yes you can see through this gutter guard, problem is they are glued in place!